Benifits Of Using BharPlate

BharPlate is designed to help Cafe's , Restaurants, Pubs, Bars etc. A Cloud based system that provide digital menus and provide complete digital Dine-in.


For Owners

  • Modify your menus as many times you want
  • Saves Cost and Overhead of reprinting your menus
  • Give your customers a contactless, digital and hightech dine-in experience
  • Safe secure and hygenic menus.
  • Track your sales and business and manage done-in system easily.
  • Saves customer waiting time

For Customers

  • Safe, secure and hygenic menus for customers.
  • Easy to see menus and place orders
  • Easy Billing and payment system
  • Special Feedback section for cutomers


For Staffs

  • See orders directly inside the kitchen
  • Now its easy to take orders from customers.
  • Easy to manage several dine-in and orders at the same time
  • Easy to provide customers services and make them happy.